EarthMoments XL 2016
EarthMoments presents EarthMoments XL 2016 - a package that contains 32 EarthMoments bundles now available at a 50% discount. Includes all bundles released up to 15/01/2015.

Innovative timbres, atmospheric textures, vivid soundscapes - these high quality samples have been recorded across the globe, 32 bundles offering producers limitless possibilities and a panorama of rare samples and futuristic sounds to choose from. Dive deep into unexplored sonic territory with an array of string instruments, woodwinds, percussion instruments, vocals, soundscapes, effects, textures, rhythmic patterns - a broad gamut of sounds suitable for several production styles.
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$607 $1214.45

Tech Specs:

Ableton Live ReadyWav

World, Indian, Cinematic, Experimental, Drums, Dubstep, Electro, Middle Eastern, Ambience
Loops, Sound Effects and More.. Available Formats:24 Bit, 44.1kHz, Ableton Live Pack (9.1)

- ZenPad bundles are not included in EarthMoments XL 2016.
- All bundles released up to 15/01/2016 are included.
- Contains: 32 Bundles - More info about each bundle can be found on the dedicated bundle webpage.