Save 20% on all ZenPad Packs!

Announcing the Ableton Flash Sale Campaign from November 16th to January 11th 2016 featuring 20% off on all ZenPad bundles!
Producers can now expand their sonic horizons with a host of evocatively inspiring loops and samples. From the strangely wonderful cinematic textures of ZenPad Le Slow, to soundscapes inspired by the ethereal sounds of rivers, oceans, waterfalls and lakes (ZenPad Waterworx); the uptempo Indian rhythms of ZenPad Bollywood or the transcendental, meditative moods of ZenPad Mantra
Also included as part of the sale is 20% off Ableton Live Software and Push, the perfect match to the ZenPad packs.

An additional 20% off ZenPad Bundle Vol 01 and Vol 02 is also being offered – featuring three packs for the price of two:

- Sale is from November 16th 2016 - Jaunrary 11th 2017.
- Only ZenPad Packs Are Included in the this sale

EarthMoments is now Ableton Live Ready

EarthMoments - Islands Project - Indian Ocean