Sampler Vol 2

EarthMoments Sampler Vol 2The EarthMoments team of professionals continue on their perilous journey to capture and share unparalleled sound.  Their latest release the ‘EarthMoments Sampler Vol 2’ is an exclusive ‘taster’ that offers a fascinating insight into an expanding collection of high quality acoustic sounds.


Going To The Islands

EarthMoments - Islands Project - Indian OceanEarthMoments creates musical waves with ‘Islands Project’; an idyllic bundle of sounds from the Indian Ocean islands of Reunion, Mauritius and Madagascar. Local ethnic groups with their deep rooted African influence have created extraordinary traditional instruments such as the Gambri and Kayam. This melodic bundle perfectly reflects the exquisite beats of both string and percussion.


EarthMoments Goes 'LIVE READY’!

EarthMoments is now Live ReadyWe’re excited to announce that all EarthMoments Bundles are now Ableton ‘Live’ compatible.


Live Ready


XMAS TIME! 25% Discount!

EarthMoments XMAS SALEEarthMoments Xmas Sale offers a 25% discount on all products.
Step into the EarthMoments world and browse through our unique collections for the best quality acoustic sounds at discounted prices.


EarthMoments is now Ableton Live Ready

EarthMoments - Islands Project - Indian Ocean