• New: ZenPad - Poly Reverse

    New: ZenPad - Poly Reverse

    Poly Reverse employs a panorama of offbeat instrumentation – analog synths, ethnic instruments, old records played in reverse, jukebox style vocals, vintage drum kits, and hollow bodied bass lines. This starkly unique selection of samples can offer producers infinite possibilities and limitless sonic inspiration.

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  • ZenPad - Waterworx

    ZenPad - Waterworx

    This kit includes more than 400 sounds and samples offering a variety of truly innovative timbres, atmospheric textures, and soundscapes inspired by the rich sound of water – tailor made for professional use in music production, sound design and film score compositions.

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  • ZenPad - Lé Slow

    ZenPad - Lé Slow

    Lé Slow is a collection of 400 darkly atmospheric, cinematic textures, loops and sounds, produced with musicians, producers, sound designers and film score composers in mind.

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  • Yossi Fine explains EarthMoments ZenPads

    Yossi Fine explains EarthMoments ZenPads

    These versatile kits of acoustic and electronic sounds is layered to provide a unique and groundbreaking experience with uncompromising audio quality. Whether you are a producer, filmmaker, musician or sound designer with a natural flair for crafting high quality music, allow the ZenPad collection to elevate your creativity.

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  • ZenPad - Poly Reverse

    A selection of imaginative samples, played in reverse to create whimsical playgrounds of sound reminiscent of the psychedelic era.

  • ZenPad - Waterworx

    Samples and loops inspired by the ethereal atmospheres of rivers, oceans, waterfalls and lakes.

  • ZenPad - Bollywood

    Indian rhythms and authentic melodic sounds created specifically for pop, film, electronic and Bollywood productions.

  • ZenPad - Oriental

    Captures the spirit of the Orient with a variety of middle eastern instruments, spices and Arabic style drum kits.

  • ZenPad - Mantra

    ZenPad - Mantra is a diverse selection of sounds designed for new age, yoga, meditation and electronic music productions.

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